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  • Black harem pants with what shoes look good? How does the black harem pants come with shoes and clothes?

    Black harem pants with what shoes can be, because the black is relatively deep, relatively speaking, or better match. Recommended with high help board shoes, because the usual halton pants ankle are tight legs, so the high help board shoes is a good choice. Like the kind of simple boots can also be, can show a capable, cool feeling. Of course, scoring people. If it is girls black harem pants with what shoes can highlight the lovely girl and handsome it? Can be equipped with loose cake shoes, snow boots, can be. Today's popular harem pants are a short skirt and thin jeans cross, people can get the advantages of both. The typical pattern is the pants on the knee began to loose pendulum, the upper looks like a skirt, while the trousers are close tight. Black is a classic match with color, black harem pants with what shoes and clothes, fashion are in your mind between.

    Harem pants sometimes neutral, sometimes elegant, handsome and slightly a bit sweet modern appearance is impressive. Black harem pants with what shoes and clothes in fact there are many ideas, for this season's Harlan pants, "change" has become the most noteworthy keywords, not only fabric soft drape, nike factory store suitable for creating a casual feeling style , But also profile stiffness, suitable for feeling with the makeup of the OL style, are not to be missed the trend of choice.

    There are friends that harem pants very pick figure, but not suitable for their own good-looking. If you feel a short leg, be sure to choose

    Choose the high waist of the harem pants, nine points of the most appropriate length, nine points of the black harem pants with what shoes? Can be used with ankle with high heels; In addition, the cotton is really not suitable for thick legs, should choose silk or reflective texture of the Harlan pants, drape smooth design will kill your legs fat in the cradle.

    And in the usual dress, you can choose more leisure, cloth slightly wrinkled sense of the harem pants, such a black harem pants with what shoes more fashion it, then be sure to match the Roman-style banded high heels, so you board Fan-like height.

    In the same with the harem pants, the appropriate loose always right, must be selected on the narrow wide paragraph, choose short and small jacket, harem pants are generally high waist design, the shirt into the waist, will be a strong visual Contrast in the end! So that the most suitable for it is a long body of limbs longer; or if you really love it, it is like Sharapova put on a simple vest, and then black harem pants with what shoes highlight your modern? You can pedal a pair of water platform high-heeled sandals it, this summer is absolutely unique to you!

    For the fashion influx of people there are white-collar workers, the harem pants is the necessary influx of people clothing, black harem pants with what shoes can let yourself wear out the high range of children? Xiaobian proposal with a short suit with black harem pants, stepping on Martin boots, tall and has a professional atmosphere. OL come and try a bar, this autumn you most beautiful.

    2017-03-27 13:57:10
  • How is the flat shoes with clothes? Flat shoes with what clothes look good?

    Practical flat shoes is the cool people out of the street to wear one of the shoes, wearing a flat shoes to walk, not only not as tired as high nike factory outlet heels, but also loss of feminine and fashion sense. Flat shoes how to dress with more charm? Take a look at the fashion people who wear LOOK it!

    Flat shoes with the skills of clothes is not difficult, as long as you carefully study with the people who are good with how to take, you can learn Oh

    1, British wind flat shoes with clothing LOOK

    Vertical stripes style clothes and pants have elongated body and was thin effect. Gray blue and light coffee with white flat shoes, the color is very harmonious, full of retro. Whispering vintage wind girls will love this dress with plain shoes. Light purple elegant chiffon shirt + white shorts + white flat shoes, filling the sweet day wind, purple handbag and clothes color echoes. Coupled with the sun hat, everything is the United States and da da!

    Light blue plaid shirt + white high waist shorts + blue flat shoes, many girls can try this style Oh Little guy's dry mushrooms is no exception, high waist pants more legs long! A set of Makaron is really Meng Meng da da!

    Europe and the United States with the simpler simple! Simple, simple, simple! Important things to say three times! A simple sweater and jeans with flat shoes, if the clothing color Su Su, shoes can be selected as bright as embellishment. But the European and American wind is not every sister paper can control, it is best to height 160 or more, wear out more gas field. If you think you want to consider the shirt, pants and shoes coordination too much trouble, then come to a dress it! Solid color dress with canvas flat shoes, but also very good! Absolute youth burst burst! Black and white with Is the eternal classic!

    If you want to go to the beach to play, then to an elegant dress, with a pair of flat sandals ~ is so simple!

    2017-03-27 13:50:47
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