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  • High heels the most hurt? In fact, this pair of shoes than it is also hurt!

    High heels, although the female favorite style, but every mention is also attracted a lot of topics, such as wearing tired, hurt and so on. But you know what? The most hurt shoes is not only high heels, but many summer girls love to wear the word nike clearance store drag, in cheap nike shoes the latest list, the flip flop topped the list, and high heels hurt, in fact, only came in third place! What is the harm of the flip flop? 1. will make the foot skin too much aging. Wearing the word drag, the heel and heel in contact with the great strength, long this will make the heel skin is very hard, and long-term exposure to the air in the air, will dry nike sale and crack, so the whole foot will give people the feeling of aging. 2. Damage to the foot tendon. The flip flop is driven by the middle of the toes to hold the whole shoe to move forward, so the toes will be unconscious for a long time taut, and curl to seize the soles, nike running shoes a long time will damage the tendon, may also induce inflammation. 3. wearing a word drag will let any change can change the gait, frequency, the pace becomes smaller, but also lead to the center of gravity shift, the spine will bend forward Oh! A long time, it will lead to eight characters, and the knee and cervical spine will feel pain. 4. If the ground is muddy or full of stones, you will find the word drag must protect the role of no, it is easy to let the foot by a variety of trauma!

    Slippers design not only wear comfortable and cool, and walking more peace of mind, no toes force, while wearing the feeling is still very grade, because it is leather texture, it will not give people the feeling of soil. Sandals are not separated from home, this sandals design not only able to adapt to the needs of spring and summer, while the upper with a kind of bright feeling, is not the moment feel a lot on the tall? Use it concave shape absolutely supermearch! A word buckle sandals, not only to wear cool and comfortable, while her sister wear out the feeling is more atmosphere, not like the general sandals so casual, and other high-heeled design can enhance the sister body type, the whole person will be more out of color Oh ~ word Buckle Mary Jane shoes, low tube design to a great extent to reveal the sister's feet, watching will undoubtedly be more sexy, and wear it more refreshing, and the other at the end of the design with a little prominent feeling, retains a little higher effect.

    2017-07-25 11:05:45
  • How many people only wear this pair of shoes in summer?

    This weather, just out of the room to feel the feeling of exposure to the stove really feel the collapse of ah! The The From the winter boots, plus cashmere warm shoes to the spring shoes, Peas shoes, canvas shoes and then to the summer, the little fairies who will choose to wear what kind of shoes do? This stuffy breath of the day so that beans want to release the release of their feet ah! The The Little fairies are not deeply sympathetic! Work time, class time, only obediently black nike shoes choose sandals, hole shoes, shoes to wear. So when the rest of course choose to flip! The The Summer must have ah, easy to wear and wild summer thunderstorms come too small to let the little fairies have prepared to psychological Oh! So, the thick bottom of the heel is the best choice to prevent foot wet! Before the low after the high waterproof platform to add women's charm at the same time, but also make the small fairies have a higher proportion of the legs Oh! Word flip to help the surface of the cloth is used, so when the wear will not wear feet.

    Resin to help the face looked very wide sense, wearing will be very fit, because the injection of shoes out of the small fairies of the foot type, so when wearing a feeling will be very smooth and comfortable. T-type strap is also used in the same resin material, itself has been formed by the use of flip-flop is the style, it is suitable for indoor wear Oh! Bow in the collar, trousers belt or trousers, cuffs place as embellishment, has been too common. If it is decorated in the T-type to help it? Will it make nike store your feet more eye-catching! The The Not only the body to get the eye, wearing a suction eye, summer is the nike air max women best time to suck the eyes Oh! This double word on the use of the embellishment of the bow, making the original relatively a pair of shoes in the moment the girl's nike air max breath full of friends! Soles of the exquisite pattern is definitely the best guarantee of non-slip Oh! Using a soft pressure injection process material, so when wearing the feeling of stepping on the soft things feel very comfortable, it is to protect the feet Oh! T-shaped face to mention the use of plastic, add three-dimensional and lovely temperament. Shoes are a certain height, so there is a certain waterproof effect Oh!

    2017-07-24 11:03:10
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  • Skin care and daily maintenance
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