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  • Retro shoes do not want to let you walk more light

    Love a retro temperament, fresh and natural let you better show yourself. This season of love, tiptoe your toes miss the old time, in the spring flowers in your beautiful figure particularly moving, want a retro charm interpretation, comfortable and comfortable, bright heart color And bright, like fog like rain and like the wind-like tenderness. Fashion retro shoes with a simple, comfortable, natural, gently into the heart so that you see more beautiful with, wearing a beautiful dress coupled with a pair of retro shoes, beautiful bubble you do not consciously dance , Is such a free, happy dancing. Want to make people so comfortable, do not forget to choose a low-key with a pair of retro shoes Oh Ultra-feeling and special color design shoes, retro square design compact, patent leather so new nike shoes bright and charming full of charm, and shallow mouth design so that the whole design more comfortable feeling, foot feeling better Oh, the soles of the design is full Highlights, like a charming crystal-like feeling of reverie, extraordinary sweet feeling, add a touching color for another kind of retro.

    Low-quality texture design style retro shoes, clear and beautiful ride, retro reveals a literary style, people can not help heart, nike factory store and flat design to make feet feel more comfortable, with a variety of beautiful skirt are very appropriate Oh. Buckle design adds a little chic little hue, even more charming. Beaded feeling design fashion wild flat shoes, thick with the design to add a beautiful gas field, and shallow mouth design to make feet feel more comfortable to wear and also to force the whole section of the girls color pure and low profile temperament, retro small art Feeling more charming, and the shoes of the small beads is highlighted the overall design, so that the whole design is bright spots. Charming style design of small shoes, simple and generous, retro style temperament blend of streamlined style, even more charming, as a four seasons shoes wear, free with a good look, the whole footwear feel comfortable so that you are not bound, easy walking Make the body more light. Square head design and small nike shox clearance element of the embellishment is a good blend of the whole, retro charm still. The design of the simple style, thick with the feeling of more design of the three-dimensional, and pure tone makes you more attractive temperament, so that the retro style shoes can also take a dress can also be used with jeans , Both concise and capable, retro charm highlights people easily GET to.

    Easy to control the retro style fashion shoes, as long as the random can also wear clothing with more fashion feeling, with a variety of aesthetic design or fresh design dress can make the nike clearance whole with more complete, highlight, highlight your temperament, with To more blooming beauty, which is the charm of retro shoes ~ If you do not like the rough design with the retro shoes, you can consider the foot feel more comfortable flat design Oh!

    2017-04-28 11:02:11
  • What spring shoes to wear? Of course, this is a small white shoes!

    In addition to all black nike shoes the spring to change clothes, we have to change shoes. What shoes do you wear in the end? I believe my sister first thought should be a small white shoes, no matter how many people say it has Out, still can kobe shoes not stop our love for it. In fact, small white shoes is also lazy shoes, because it does not pick wear, no matter what kind of dress, a pair of small white shoes out of the total wrong. And a pedal of the small white shoes, but also lazy shoes in the fighter, casually set out on a set, and fashionable value is not discount! Global leather small white shoes, a sense of Peas shoes, the feet are very comfortable. The overall shape of the tassels and bowknots embellishment, not too monotonous. Soft leather and soles, do not pick the foot type.

    Matsushita small white shoes, not too high, but just can create the effect of long legs A pedal of solid color canvas design, more casual fresh, creative sister can also own DIY Oh. Classic lace section of small white shoes, do not know from which year of fire to the present. It is the interpretation of the style is ever-changing, whether it is handsome style of leisure, or art of retro girl wind, no can not do. Although the Department of some trouble, but it can play the role of decoration, but also weaken the foot fat feet wide embarrassment. Thick white shoes, the classic lace plate shoes. This is not too much design, is the traditional style of small white shoes. The biggest feature of the upper should be the upper needle and thread to the direction, will not look very monotonous. Leather lace of small white shoes, this also made a thick bottom of the design, a little muffled taste. Shoes and perforation made a golden embellishment, a little personality, but does not affect the overall effect. Low to help comfortable small white shoes, this is the sports shoes, soft leather, dirty and clean. Followed by a green stitching design, to increase the highlights of the shoes.

    High street design models of small white shoes, can be said to be an upgraded version of the classic small white shoes. For the pursuit of individuality or wear a small white shoes sister, it is absolutely necessary fashionable single product. nike sneakers Not only that, the sense of design full of small white shoes, but also light your shape, give you the first line of the line. A little literary style of small white shoes, this is the biggest feature of thin. Shoes are round design, comfortable and durable. Side with a thick line of the needle design, to the pure white shoes to add a small detail. Thick European and American style small white shoes, all black nike shoes this shoe with a matte stitching design, no material combination, structured, but also very sense of design. There are burrs side of the design, very fine.

    2017-04-27 11:05:37
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